Friday, January 29, 2010

Master Wong Featured in Malaysia Gorgeous Magazine

  Mr. Ishak Z. Allan has written an article on Tai Chi for Health & Well Being columns that was published in Gorgeous Magazine (Malaysia) inaugural issue. Follow them on Facebook

  Below are scanned copies of the article.

Magazine Info:

issn: 2180-186X
9 772180 186003
JAN/FEB 2010 RM 5.50

KDN PP 16723/12/2010 (026144)

General Manager:

T 6 03 2167 8012
F 6 03 2167 8011

Article written by Ishak Z. Allan.

Shaq Allan

Photography: Azman Hizam
azmanhizam photography++

  • mobile number should be 017 332 8879 (not 322 8879 as indicated on th bottom of the article)
  • Grand Master "Chen Tian Cai" should be "Zhu Tian Cai"
  • Chojiagao should be ChenJiaGou
  • Hsing-1 should be Hsing-I (形意拳)
  • Yong style should be Song style xingyi

Monday, December 14, 2009

Master Wong's "Teaching": The Subtle Force.

During our TaiChi lesson, Master Wong always like to bring up his "mother cat story". He use the analogy of a mother cat transporting her kitten by the scruff of the kitten's neck with her mouth. The mother cat must apply very subtle and delicate force with her teeth. If she apply the force too much, the kitten will be injured. If she apply the force to little, the kitten will slip out from her mouth.

The way of TaiChi is to apply "not too much, not too little but just enough" force to achieve the desired results.

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